Makro labelling machines offer users a wide range of options: thanks to their modularity, machines can be set up to accommodate different labelling units which can be interchanged, modified or added based on the evolution of application needs. 

It is possible to choose the type of labelling that best suits the evolving needs of the moment, also based on marketing requests, without having to change the whole labelling machine. In fact, even after purchase, existing stations can be replaced with others of a different type at any time, choosing between fixed or trolley-mounted stations, just like when making the initial purchase. 

Wheel-mounted modules and fixed projecting stations are obviously available for all technologies: cold glue, hot-melt glue, self-adhesive (also non-stop) and label rolls. With Makro you have total freedom and no restrictions!

MAK 01-02-03
Low-speed labelling

1.500 - 12.000

520 - 1040
mm ø carousel

Installable units

4 - 24
Labelling platforms

MAK 01, MAK 02 and MAK 03 are the Makro Labelling machines dedicated to companies that don’t need to achieve high production speeds. These machines still maintain the distinctive characteristics of Makro Labelling technology and are equipped with mechanical or electronic rotation of the bottle platforms. 

The carousel, with a diameter of 520/1040 mm, is clad in AISI 304 stainless steel sheet. MAK 01, MAK 02 and MAK 03 are produced in the different cold glue, hot-melt glue, self-adhesive or combined application versions. 

On request, these three models can be fitted with Makro-patented optical centring systems: Follower and Raptor. 

Production speeds vary from 1,500 bph to 12,000 bph.

MAK 1-2-3
Medium-speed labelling

1.500 - 25.000

520 - 1040
mm ø carousel

Installable units

4 - 24
Labelling platforms

Machine for wraparound label applications using a hot melt system on various sizes of glass or plastic bottles.

The machine can be fitted with a cold glue or self-adhesive partiallabel application unit.

The trolley of the labeling stations around the main carousel can be fixed or removable.
Module hooking and unhooking directly from the touch screen.

MAK 2-9
High-speed labelling

1.500 - 50.000

780 - 2750
mm ø carousel

Installable units

6 - 60
Labelling platforms

MAK 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 labellers meet the needs of medium and large companies: they are equipped with special applications and manage high production speeds and highly complex labelling operations. 

They come in cold glue, hot-melt glue, self-adhesive and combined application versions. Furthermore, the range also includes the high-speed self-adhesive labeller with pre-unwinders and non-stop operating system which keeps the machine in production at maximum speed at all times (even during roll change) and the combined double carousel labeller for applying the tax strip. 

Makro Labelling, in perfect synergy with its technical office, is able to develop special machines, equipped with special and personalised equipment at the customer’s request. The labels which can be applied by machines in the Makro range include: body, neck, collar band and back labels and I-, L- or U-shaped seals etc..

Production speeds vary from 1,500 bph to 50,000 bph.

The future is getting closer

Makro Labelling presents CLeap, the leap in concept, lvv, which has always been based on the concepts of modularity, flexibility and practicality. Presented at Drinktec – Munich 2017 and at Pack Expo International – Chicago 2018 still in the prototype phase, today CLeap defines its performance potential and is completed with a new design, a new concept of guards and a new labelling station.

The use of the linear motor makes it possible to break the limits that the state of the art had defined, achieving total modularity of what was once a carousel and now becomes an oval. The path that can be lengthened to add labelling stations, the plates and jacks that can be added to increase production speed, and the electronically adjustable pitch, introduce degrees of freedom previously unknown.


  • Extreme smoothness
  • Low energy consumption
  • High speed and positioning accuracy
  • Total modularity
  • Path expandability to accommodate more groups and/or more plates
  • Reduced footprint
  • Modular pitch: long pitch for long label, short pitch for short label
  • Labelling speed independent of accumulation conditions
  • Low footprint units



18" touchscreen command and control panel with integrated quality control.
Quick and easy roll change.
Quick and easy tool-free bottle changeover.
Vision Control: quality control system that checks labelling quality and manages the subsequent rejection of defective containers.
Infeed container blocking device by means of the infeed worm screw, with torque control, driven by a brushless motor.
Upper cladding of base in "ROOF" execution in AISI 304 stainless steel sheet.
Upper plate of the base in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Plate support structure made of welded AISI 304 stainless steel tube, complete with height-adjustable support feet.
Automatic adjustment of unit axes with stepper motor drive system.
FOLLOWER optical centring
exclusive patented system.
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