Different types of labelling units are available to our customers. Choosing the best labelling unit, one that perfectly meets all your needs and requirements, depends on three fundamental factors: the type of label being applied, label dispensing speed and label length. These are the factors that can influence the choice of one labelling unit over another.


Ideal for use in the beverage (in particular soft drinks and water), food and pet food sectors, hot-melt glue labelling units are the most suitable for distributing the adhesive in a uniform, clean and economical way.

Our hot-melt glue labelling units can meet application needs ranging from 3,000 bph to 42,000 bph in both fixed and trolley-mounted versions.

mod. HM

  1. Application: pre-cut paper and OPP labels.
  2. Nordson glue heating system.
  3. Glue transfer: spraying on the bottle and distribution on the label overlap by means of a “comb” dispenser with electro-pneumatic enabling (no bottle-no glue).
  4.  Unit support trolley in AISI 304 stainless steel tube complete with X-Y-Z axes registration system.
  5. Fixed and mobile trolley-mounted versions.
  6. Rotation of bottle platforms with cams; mechanics complete with interchangeable sector either with toothed belt and pulleys or with stepper motors.
  7. Min – max hourly production rate: 3,000 bph – 42,000 bph


MAK Roll Feed is a labelling unit capable of offering a production speed of 6,000 bph – 40,000 bph. Ideal for the large-volume PET labelling market (even with diameters exceeding 200 mm), this machine is also the perfect choice for the home care and pet food sector. 

The use of corrosion-resistant materials guarantees limitless duration over time, while the use of wrap-around plastic and paper roll labels with hot-melt application guarantees the maximum economic advantage in the production process, compared to the use of traditional OPP or pre-cut paper labels.


Ideal for use in those sectors where labels are applied to PET or glass bottles or cans, cold glue labelling units can meet production speeds reaching peaks of 45,000 bph. It is also possible to apply very long labels, including wrap-around ones, measuring up to 320 mm.

mod. MAK G

Unit for medium production with speeds of up to 25,000 bph.

mod. MAK GHS

Unit designed for high production with speeds of up to 45,000 bph.

mod. MAK GLL

Unit for applying very long labels, including wrap-around ones. Can handle labels of up to 320 mm.


Makro Labelling’s self-adhesive labelling units, including the patented MAK AHS2 module, were created to meet the need to increase the performance of existing machines in terms of speed and precision and represent a real revolution in the labelling sector. 

Thanks to the unique paper delivery system, patented by the company, which doubles the distance covered by the label in the acceleration ramp, the MAK ASH2 guarantees a linear speed of 100 meters per minute with label pitches of 20 mm.

To reduce the force that the pulling motor has to deal with, label roll motorisation has also been added which uses a rubber-coated roller to directly pull the paper: this solution is essential for obtaining excellent motor speed stability during production and maintaining full stability of the mechanics and the labelling process as a whole.

Common features:

  1. Electrical panel in AISI 304 – IP55.
  2. Unit control panel.
  3. Trolley structure in AISI 304.
  4. Manual or automatic axis adjustment point.

mod. MAK AN 50 mt/min

mod. MAK AS 65 mt/min

mod. MAK AHS1 95 mt/min

mod. MAK AHS2 150 mt/min

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