Makro’s technical office and R&D department are constantly working to develop innovative solutions capable of interpreting sector requirements and giving our labelling machines that added value customers need. Over the years, this constant and continuous work has led to the company filing several patents capable of giving our labellers maximum functionality and simplicity of use.

To date, at Makro Labelling we have created optical centring and quality control systems which means we are able to manage any type of request based on our customers’ real production needs, all at reasonable prices compared to the rest of the market, thanks to our in-house R&D department which allows us to eliminate external costs.



Optical orientation

RAPTOR Optical Orientation is the new innovative optical orientation system completely designed, developed, assembled and installed by Makro Labelling. The system uses 1 camera (maximum speed 20,000 bph) or 2 cameras (maximum speed 50,000 bph). The system is fully integrated into the machine’s main touch screen. The high resolution of the camera, combined with the precise and fast data analysis software, guarantees precision and high orientation performance.


Optical centring

Follower is a module that can be installed on the labelling machine so bottles can be oriented to ensure precision positioning of labels in relation to a specific reference point on the bottle. This is achieved using a considerably lower number of sensors compared to traditional solutions (1 to 10): this also means that customers can significantly reduce format changeover times.

The line-scan camera sends the complete image free of distortions to the vision software which then analyses it



Bottling industry

Advanced label inspection and control environment of the labelling quality inside the labeller. This is an advanced working environment and software entirely developed by Makro Labelling for image analysis, mainly for the bottling industry. The software can manage up to 4 cameras simultaneously, and controls on the acquired image are available for each of them. 

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