Self-adhesive labelling units

01_768x1024_autoadesive_it.jpg 01_768x1024_autoadesive_it.jpg 03_768x1024_autoadesive_it.jpg 04_768x1024_autoadesive_it.jpg unita_AHS2.jpg

MAK AN • AS • AHS 1 • AHS 2

MAK AN: 50 mt/m’

MAK AS: 65 mt/m’

MAK AHS1: 95 mt/m’

MAK AHS2: 150 mt/m’


1. Cabinet in AISI 304 IP55.

2. Panel control of the unit.

3. Frame of the trolley in AISI 304.

4. Manual or automatic axes regulation point.


THE NEW MAK AHS2 LABELLING MODULE: from need to solution

Makro Labelling's new and already patented MAK AHS2 self-adhesive labelling module responds to the need for higher machine performance in terms of speed and precision and represents a real revolution for the labelling sector.

Thanks to a special, patented paper delivery system that doubles the distance covered by the label during acceleration, the MAK ASH2 guarantees a linear speed of 100 metres a minute at a label pitch of 20 mm.

To reduce the effort needed from the drive motor, the label reel has been motorised and a rubber roller used to feed the paper by direct contact. This solution has proved highly effective in stabilising motor speed during production and has also improved the stability of the entire mechanism and labelling process.